Flu Shots: When you should get them

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Denison, TX--- Even though it's early medical officials say now is the perfect time to get your flu shot.

It's flu season. Even though it's September, that doesn't stop local residents Troy and Bobbie Barker from getting their yearly shot.

"I don't want to get the flu again, I've had it once, and I don't want it no more; I've had it four times and the last time I almost died." said Troy and Bobbie Barker.

Mary Brice is a registered nurse at the Grayson County Health Department, and she says getting your shot early, like the Barkers, is smart.

"The flu can be a very dangerous disease, it's important that you get your flu shot, because you can spread it to other people, and spread it to the community." said Brice.

"The more people that get the flu shot, the less the flu will have a chance to be spread."

It seems pretty obvious, get your flu shot, so that you won't have a chance to get sick, but Donna Glenn, Director of the Infection Prevention control at Texoma Medical Center says the statistics speak for themselves.

"36,000 people a year die from seasonal flu." said Glenn.

People may think that since it's not winter yet, then why get the shot now, but Brice has some news.

"I understand we've already had four reported cases in Grayson County, so even though it's not cold, you can get the flu, while it's still warm." said Brice.

Something you don't have to tell the Barkers twice about.

"Everyone needs to get one because it's bad if you get the flu, you get sick, bad sick; not only are you helping yourself, you're helping other people." said Troy and Bobbie Barker.

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