Good Shepherd Community Clinic

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The Good Shepherd Community clinic provides free health, dental, and optical care for those who don't have insurance. The clinic has seen a lot of growth since they first got started in 1995, but Vanesa Ramsey, executive director of the clinic, says in the last three years the number of patients coming in for care has sky-rocketed.

"I feel like with the economy like it is, I feel like that our patient load will continue to grow. Until we are at capacity, and we really don't know what the capacity is at this point," Ramsey said.

Ramsey says they provide service to about 3,000 patients, and that in this year alone there's been over 8,000 office visits.
She says they estimate they give the community about four-million dollars in services.

"We also take a load off the emergency room here," Ramsey said.

The clinic has a staff of about 20, and they say while it's hard to keep up with the increase in patients they'll do whatever it takes to keep providing service.

"It's my way of giving back to others," Margaret Scifres, a nurse practitioner, said.

The staff says it's a rewarding job, and that they want people to know they're there to help.

"If somebody needs to be seen, if they need medical care then this is a good place to come," Scifres said.

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