Study on Insulin for Alzheimer's

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ARDMORE, OK-- Statistics show people with diabetes have a 65% greater risk of developing Alzheimer's. Now, the same insulin used for diabetics could be used to help treat Alzheimer's patients. Amanda Brown has more on what this study could mean for people in our area

A recent pilot study in the Journal Archives of Neurology has suggested that inhaling insulin could play a part in helping individuals improve memory and even reverse symptoms of memory loss. Pharmacist Rebecca Reed said the research is still underway, but if the insulin does prove to work, it would be great news to Oklahoma because of the large community of diabetics. She said that a lot of diabetics do not know they are at great risk to the Alzheimer's disease and that it is just one of the possible complications that diabetes can bring.

"If you don't take care of yourself then your going to have more problems and complications and this is just one of the complications," she said.

Ann O'Conner was diagnosed with type two diabetes two years ago and said she is well aware of the complications it could produce. The recent study is good news to O'Conner, she said diabetes runs her family and her current roommate suffers from dementia.

"I see her just going downhill everyday you know and its heartbreaking," she said.

O'Connor said she is at ease knowing there is research being done to tackle memory loss, because if she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, at least there's a chance they have found something that would help.

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