Taking Action Against Breast Cancer - Anchor Abby Powell Gets a Mammogram

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Today we get up close and personal in our steps against breast cancer. Anchor Abby Powell takes us into a mammography room to give us a look at exactly what happens during a mammogram. By taking October's Awareness Month into Action in November, we are gaining more knowledge so that the women of Texoma will be empowered to fight and beat breast cancer together.

The facts:
-One in eight women living in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

-Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in U.S. women. It's the leading cause of death in 35-to-65-year-old women.

-Approximately 2.4 million American women with a history of breast cancer are alive today.

-If the cancer is detected before it has spread to lymph nodes or other parts of the body, the chance for a cure is nearly 100 percent.

Regular mammography screening began in the United States in 1990. Since then, the mortality rate from breast cancer, which had been unchanged for the preceeding 50 years, drecreased by 30 percent. *

Talk to your doctor or contact the American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org) for more information.

A special thank you to Dr. Alex Ehsan of Texas Oncology, Jennifer Reed, and the staff at TMC for making the screening on camera possible.

*American Cancer Society, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services