Safe Family:Hidden Salt

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The Centers for Disease Control says healthy American adults should be eating no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, but study after study finds that people are eating way over that amount.

That's not good, because salt is a major contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease and you get it from more than a salt shaker.

Nutritionists say very few people read the labels when it comes to sodium content and when we do, we are so concerned about fat and calories that we forget to look at the milligrams of salt.

So be watchful of the ingredients.

The CDC lists these foods as having shocking statistics.

Watch the tomato soup, especially if it's in a can. A serving of this comfort food can pack a walloping 700 to 12-hundred milligrams of sodium.

You may love 'em but frozen plain pizzas can also have up to half your daily limit in just one serving.

And look at what you put on that healthy salad. Some dressings can carry up to 500 milligrams of sodium every time you visit the salad bar, even if they're fat free or lite.

Also any type of bread can contain 210 milligrams of salt per slice.

Physicians say it's important to moderate your salt intake, because the right amount of sodium is good for your insulin levels and thyroid. So try to follow the daily guidelines.