Salmonella scare hits close to home in Carter Co.

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ARDMORE, OK - Over 15 cases of salmonella poisoning have been reported through out Oklahoma over the past month, including one in Carter County. Now officials want you to know how to protect yourself and others from the disease. Dara Downs has more.

Officials with the Carter County Health Department say there is one confirmed case of salmonella poisoning in the county, but they say it's not connected to the recent outbreak in the Mustang School District in Canadian County, where 13 elementary school age children reported being sick due to salmonella. State health officials are investigating the salmonella outbreak throughout three counties.

Kristi Inselman with the Carter County Health Department says the strain identified in Canadian and Oklahoma counties is different than the one identified in Ardmore, and she says their sole case is unrelated to the outbreak, although state health officials are still unsure of what the source of the outbreak might be.

Inselman says most cases in children are a result of handling small animals, or consuming undercooked chicken, pork, or beef, and says anyone with symptoms should see a doctor.

"It can have vomiting, fatigue, the one that we see the most is the diarrhea that goes on more than 24 hours. When you do have that, we suggest you go to the doctor's office and do get tested," Inselman says.

State officials say they have not had any other cases reported since September 13, but they suggest washing your hands frequently, closely monitoring children, when they handle animals, as well as fully cooking foods such as chicken.

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