TMC kicks off weight loss challenge

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DENISON, TX-Dozens of people turned up at a local hospital to get a head start on the New Year by signing up to get into Texoma Medical Center's Weight Loss Challenge. Victoria Maranan spoke with one of the participants on why he decided to get involved.

Look around at any gym or fitness facility after the holidaysand you might hear a story similar to James Goldsmith's.

"Well, I had a little too much holiday candy, I think. And last year I was in shape, I was running 5ks and that's not the case this year. I just let myself go and I think I'll try to get something going here," he said.

According to America's Health Rankings, which considers several factors, including, obesity, smoking rates and diabetes; Texas dropped in rankings from 39th to 40th in 2010. Oklahoma improved from nearly last ranked 49th healthiest in the nation in 2009 to 46th this year.

Angie Tol organized TMC's Weight Loss Challenge. She said an increase in obesity should not be taken lightly.

"Actually, we need to see this as an epidemic. This is a disease. This is something to be taken seriously. It seems we got more relaxed over the years," she said.

Those who take part in the challenge are paired up and get weighed before starting the program. Then for 8 weeks, they exercise regularly and get tips from the pros on healthy eating.
Tol said she hopes the challenge will help those who are struggling with their health to get back on track.

"We use this as a motivational tool actually. I think accountability and the teamwork that we've put into it and that they have to be accountable to their team is a great success," Tol said.

She said she's always had a large turn-out, sometimes over one hundred people.
Goldsmith hopes the challenge will help him reach his goal.

"My goal is probably ridiculous, but it's 40 pounds. I was 40 pounds lighter last year and I think I can do it again," he said.

To take part in TMC's weight loss challenge, you must attend their last orientation at the hospital Thursday, December 30th at 7 p.m. The challenge starts January 6th.

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