Safe Family: Snakes in the summer

At best, it causes nausea, vomiting, pain, and swelling. At worst, it kills you. Some communities say they have been dealing with a rash of snake bites and this weather could be to blame. We are told because of the heat and the drought, snakes are moving around a lot more to look for shade and water. Here’s more in our Safe Family report.

"They’re getting more dangerous because of the heat," Texas Game Warden Danny Chavez says.

Their stare alone is scary. Their hiding places can be anywhere. And as this dry summer just heats up, snakes are making their move.

In a rash of snake bites in South Texas, the most recent included a seven year old girl.

"He did a lot of venom work on her, injected a lot of venom in her. She had a lot of swelling, a lot of pain."

Also bitten was a man in his fifties, the cousin of Henry Albaraz.

"He was working in the garden here, and he picked up some brushes and in the brushes, the snake was in there."

He said the pain was so intense, his cousin just passed out.

"The man across the street found him and they flew him to Wilford Hall in San Antonio."

Summer snake sightings can be common, but Albaraz says this summer is setting a new precedent.

"We’re always finding them in the back yard."

"We’re expecting to see more snake bites this year."

"Wear shoes, definitely wear shoes."

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