Safe Family: Carbon Monoxide

01.04.06 Every year close to 200 people die in the United States from carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes. Thousands more go to the emergency room for treatment, that's according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because you can't see or smell it. Nicole Holt has tips to prevent carbon monoxide from poisoning your home in Thursday’s Safe Family Report.

You home may be giving you sings that carbon monoxide is building up.

Chief Jeff Jones with the Sherman Fire Department says, "Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. People that have gas burning appliances, stoves, heating units they all have to be careful. The first time they're going to experience it, they will notice dizziness or light headedness."

Look for rust or water streaking on your vent or chimney. You might also experience debris or soot falling from your chimney, fireplace, or appliances. Moisture on the inside of your windows is also another sign that your home may not be venting properly. If you have problems, get an expert to service your heating system. Even if everything in your home is fine, there are still steps you need to take to avoid danger.

Chief Jeff Jones with the Sherman Fire Department says, "Best recommendation is to have your system service once a year. Have someone come in and say the system is working perfectly, it’s venting properly, and there is not build up of carbon monoxide.”

Other tips:

Never burn charcoal inside your home or garage.

Don't leave a car running in an attached garage, even with the garage door open.

Don't use any gas appliances like the stove to heat your home.
Install a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway near every separate sleeping area of your home. Make sure it's close enough and loud enough to wake you up.

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