Safe Family - Scalding Water

In todays safe family report... If you have small kids.... baby proofing your home is probably a top priority.
But you may be overlooking one serious danger.... your tap water.
when most parents think of the water in the home.... drowning is a main concern.
But that water can be dangerous.... even deadly.... if your hot water heater is set too high.
One family learned this lesson the hard way....
Shelly McGammons daughter died just days before her first birthday... After being burned on over 80 percent of her body... in a bathtub.
The child was left in a nearly empty bathtub for just a moment... But in that time the little girl reached up and turned the hot water on full blast.
She suffered third degree burns... And died three days later in her mother's arms at the hospital.
And this was not an isolated incident
"Rep: How many people are burned every year in the bathtub? John: There are thousands. We have statistics that show that many thousands of people are burned due to tap water which is something that is so common in your home and yet can be very dangerous if it's too hot."
experts say if you run your hot water.... and you can put your hand under the water for 30 seconds without pain... you probably have your water set at a safe temperature for your children.

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