Safe Family - BPA Warning

In todays safe family report, a new F-D-A warning.
The government agency is now encouraging families to limit their childrens' exposure to a chemical found in thousands of household products.
For years, concerned mothers, environmental groups and some scientists have been warning that Bisphenol A, Commonly known as B-P-A is unsafe, and can lead to cancers, Diabetes and other diseases.
Now in a shift in the agency's position, the FDA is saying the chemical is of Some concern.
The FDA announced on the basis of new studies that can test for "subtle effects" , thatwhile BPA is still considered safe, they now have "some concern" about the potential effects of the chemical, especially on the "brain behavior and prostate glands in fetuses, infants and young children."
The American Chemistry Council says BPA is safe.
What's important to remember is the FDA indicated that the BPA has not been proven harmful to children or adults. And that if they believed it was unsafe, they would've issued stronger regulations.
how convinced are you that elevated levels of BPA in people's bodies can lead to cancers and heart disease and obesity and early puberty?
I and other colleagues of mine at an nih meeting said with a very high level of confidence, we think bisphenol a threat to human health
The question is - how much B-P-A is unsafe for you?
B-P-A is found not just in the lining of some plastic bottles and metal cans, but also in recycled paper products like pizza boxes and paper napkins.
It's through contact that the BPA can seep into food and drink.
For now, the F-D-A says that B-P-A is still safe but, as a matter of precaution, they are recommending that parents try to reduce their children's exposure in reasonable ways.

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