Safe Family - Giving Birth and Eating

In todays safe family report.... Any woman will tell birth to that bouncing bundle of joy can be really tough. Now comes a drop of good news ..something that could make labor - just a little easier.
Ulla Johnson is expecting her 2nd son any day now, so she knows how tough labor can be..
"I remember being so thirsty and all they would let me have was ice chips"
Those days could be over, according to new research.
"There's no need according to the study to really tell people not to eat and not to drink"
The new findings looked at about 3-thousand women
They were all at low risk of needing a c-section and were given some food and fluids during the birth.
"Instead of labor and delivery being a jail, where you can't eat or drink unless someone gives you permission, this new study shows that its not dangerous, that's because fewer women need an emergency c-section.. under general anesthesia."
Anesthesia causes problems if there anything in the stomach.
"You'd have a tendency to vomit then if there were food or water inside."
And that vomit could enter into the lungs.
Most c-sections are now done with regional anesthesia or an epidural.
But these findings don't mean labor is the time for some burger and fries.. it means small amounts of food and drink..
"It obviously seems like a good idea all they tell you is to hydrate all the time and this is like you're running a marathon"
She says it's good to give women what their bodies need to make it to the finish line.

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