Safe Family - Breast feeding

New research finds more big benefits when it comes to breastfeeding. In todays safe family report.... How it could save lives and money.
Vanci Petkova was determined to breast feed her son Lyubo - but it was more difficult than she expected. "He wasn't latching and it was just not a very easy experience but i was very persistant and i think it was worth it." And new research shows she may be right. A study estimates that if 90-percent of women breastfed babies for their first six months.. more than 900 infant deaths could be prevented and more than 13-billion dollars in healthcare costs could be saved.
The analysis compared 10 childhood illnesses including Sudden infant death syndrome, juvenile diabetes, asthma, obesity and leukemia in breastfed babies and babies who were not breastfed. Almost half of all new moms do some breastfeeding for the first six months , but only 13 -percent follow the government's recommendation to give only breast milk during that time.
Ann Roque wanted to breastfeed her daughter Rosemary, and she did for 7 weeks.. "I had like multiple breast infections and it just got too stressful to the point that it wasn't working for us." Pregnant with her second child, she will be giving it another shot .

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