Safe Family: Cell phones and germs

By: Press Release
By: Press Release

As if we didn't have enough to worry about.....wonder if these cell phone users know that the flu outbreak could have started with that cell phone they can't live without....

Tony Baker:"Don't know if it started there, but it could be transmitted."

So, transmitting texts, emails and disease really???

Tony Baker:"The cell phone and tablets can be up to ten times as dirty and carry as much bacteria as a toilet seat."

Tony Baker is the marketing guy for Phone Doctors a Tulsa based company that repairs and replaces cell phones. The study he's talking about was conducted by a micro-biology professor at the University of Arizona.

toilet pic from desktop checkin
The tester show how many parts per million of nastiness on the toilet seat and the phone is much higher that's disgusting

Tony Baker:"Your phone could transmit other viruses and obviously bacteria."

'course they can save us they recommend "whooshing"

Tony Baker:"what we have here is whoosh."

It's a non alcohol, non amonia cleaner that won't damage the screen or other parts of the phone and if you bring your phone in they'll clean it for free. Of course, as you rightly suppose, it will just get dirty again so you could buy a bottle of whoosh.

He didn't say but it must be named for the sound it makes whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Anyway interesting isn't it that our phones are dirtier than a toilet seat and speaking of toilets.

"Do people really drop their phones in the toilet?"
"Yes, all the time."

Geez. Rick Wells the news on 6.

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