TMC Medical Minutes

TMC Medical Minutes-Sleep Medications

TMC Medical Minutes-Swimmer's Ear

TMC Medical Minutes-Anger

TMC Medical Minutes-Melanoma

TMC Medical Minutes-Breakfast

TMC Medical Minutes-Platelet Rich Plasma

TMC Medical Minutes-Colon Cancer Screenings -Age Change

TMC Medical Minutes-Hoarseness

TMC Medical Minutes-Sunscreen

TMC Medical Minutes-Hernia Repair Assisted Surgery

TMC Medical Minutes-NICU

Wound Care Awareness Week

TMC Medical Minutes-Stroke tPA

TMC Medical Minutes-Hands Only CPR

TMC Medical Minutes-Eye Allergies

TMC Medical Minutes-Electroconvulsive Therapy

TMC Medical Minutes-Better Speech and Hearing

TMC Medical Minutes-Weight Loss Surgery

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TMC Medical Minutes

There are new medical discoveries and new medical information revealed almost everyday. There’s also a source for that information that is actually right in your own home. It’s Texoma Medical Centers Medical Minutes. Each Monday through Thursday on First News at Five we offer the answers to your medical questions and bring you up to date on the latest heath information. Tune in and see for yourself on TMC Medical Minutes.

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