67th annual Fourth of July Invitational in Paris

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PARIS, TX-- Golfers teed off Thursday for the 67th annual Fourth of July invitational at Paris Golf and County Club.

Around 100 golfers came out Thursday morning for the start of the three day golf tournament.

Last years winner, Joel Wofford, says he remembers coming out to the tournament as a young boy and seeing his grandfather play.

Wofford says that's what sparked his interest to start playing.

"I rode around in the back of the golf cart you know and watching him play as a kid," said Woffard. There's guys now in their fifties and sixties playing in the tournament that did the same thing with their dad and that's the neat thing about it."

The tournament will continues Friday and the final round will be on Saturday.

Tee times for every day are set for 8 A.M.