Denison Business Education for Teachers Program earns state recognition

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DENISON,TX -- Jeremy Green is helping to build air coolers.

"I'll be working around the factory here, learning about Champion Cooler," Green said.

But he actually teaches physics at Denison High School.

"I'll be learning how the physics that we teach in the classroom really correlate to the actual real-world situations," Green said.

It's part of the Business Education for Teachers Program.

"They spend a week of their summer learning what the business do so that they can take that information back into the classroom and work with their students," Bob Rhoden, with Workforce Solutions Texoma, said.

Rhoden said eight Denison businesses are taking part in the program.

Wesley A. Hunt Junior says this is his third year participating the program.

"I've personally been involved with four young people that Denison Development Alliance partnered with to create this program," Hunt said.

He says he understands not every student can afford college immediately.

"That's why I do it, to give them independent options, as ways they can be an independent adult," Hunt said.

And the program earned Denison Development Alliance the 2013 Workforce Excellence.

"It's an important thing, because that's recognition from their peers across the entire state of Texas that the projects that they're doing have an impact on economic development and the community around them," Rhoden said.

For the teachers it's a change of pace from the classroom.

"I'll be spending a little time in the lab, which is an interesting experience for me, because I'm an English teacher, not a science teacher," Kellie Matherly, English teacher said.

Teachers say it's also a way to build contacts with local employers.

The training continues all this week and teachers will report to their industries like regular employees.

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