Man gets 40 years for scamming Ada elderly

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In October 2011 the Pontotoc County District Attorney's office said Sam Lee stole 6 checks from senior citizens in the county and cashed four of them for more than $17,000 dollars. Now he's been sentenced to 40 years in prison followed by 30 years of probation.

"I thought I can't believe it," said Margaret Jones, a victim of the scam.
"I just absolutely can't believe."

It all started when Lee and an accomplice posed as workers from a cable company and asked Jones to be let into her back yard. She said Lee insisted she stand in the backyard with him because it was his company's policy. Meanwhile, his accomplice went into Jones' home and took a check from her purse that Lee later cashed for $3,900 dollars.

"I beat myself up for being so gullible and falling for it," said Jones.

Now the 40-year-old Lee has been sentenced for 10 felony counts of fraud for his actions against Jones and other victims. The assistant district attorney settled the case on Monday, just before going to trial.

"Mr. Lee decided he wanted to discuss possible plea negotiations and we ultimately were able to come to a plea agreement even though there were jurors in the courtroom waiting for jury selection," said Matthew Welde, Pontotoc County assistant district attorney.

All the victims have had their money returned and Jones is glad justice was served.

"i'm glad it's over and that he's got his 40 year sentence," she said.