1 dead after car crashes through restaurant

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ANNA, TX - One person has died and three others were hospitalized after a car crashed into an Anna restaurant and landed on top of three customers.

82-year-old Kathryn Thornhill Hamlin died from her injuries at the Medical Center of McKinney around 3 p.m.

Kristen Shanahan was there and describes what witnesses told her about the incident.

"I noticed a car was about to break through the building," Kim Peat said.

"When I first came up it was just chaos everybody running and getting the lady out of the car, she was pinned in the car," Montgomery said.

Kim Peat says she was working inside Mama Mia's Pizzeria when she saw a car flying towards the restaurant.

"I was yelling, ‘Please move! Get out of the way!’ And they couldn't do it. The car ran and hit them," Peat said.

Anna police say this car landed on top of three people eating inside after the driver lost control on 4th Street, slammed into a parked van outside and crashed through the glass.

Connie Montgomery says she knows the driver and tells her account of what she was told happened.

"And all of a sudden somebody honked at her and she said she thought she hit the brake and instead she hit the gas and when she did she plowed into the car right now that's on the outside and her car went directly inside and they said it spun around," Montgomery said.

Peat says the three people eating inside are regulars at Mama Mia’s.

Officers say they along with the driver were taken to area hospitals.

Anna Police Chief Kenneth Jenks says the customers were pinned under the car for some time.

"I've been doing this for 32 years, so I have seen a few cars crash into building into buildings over the years, but we usually don't have this type in Anna," Jenks said.

Peat and Montgomery say their hearts go out to those hurt in the crash.

"I'm just glad that no body else was injured, but my thoughts and prayers go out to these three people who are currently at the hospital," Peat said.

"Pray that all the victims are alright and be with all the families," Montgomery said.