1 killed, 1 injured in Durant plant explosion

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DURANT, OK - An accident at a manufacturing plant in Durant killed a plant worker Thursday and left another man with serious injuries.

Durant fire officials said they think a crane fell and the machine attached to it exploded bringing down the roof and machinery inside, injuring the two workers. One of whom, later died.

"When we arrived, we found no sign of any fire but we did find two victims. The people who worked within and around that area and basically what happened, it wasn't trapped but they were injured just from the debris of the explosion itself."

Durant Battalion Chief Steve Stafford said the two workers suffered blunt trauma injuries after they were hit several times by falling debris from machinery.

"It was extremely heavy and the type of machinery this is, it's a plasma cutter and, rather than fire, it uses oxygen and air, a mixture and a compresser," he said.

"Two helicopters was flown out from the Dallas area and they came here and landed at the helipad here and at Cardinal Glass they picked up each one of them and flew them out of here."

Bryan County Sheriff's detective, John Bates said one of the workers was taken to a Plano hospital in stable condition, the other died at MCSO shortly after the accident. Bates saw firsthand, the damage the explosion caused.

"There's a really large hole in the roof and it appears to be from the explosion of the plasma cutter in the building," he said.

Stafford said they're trying to figure out what caused the explosion.

"Whenever you're dealing with cutting stations or anything, you know, there's byproducts of any type of cutting that you might be doing. But then again in this situation, there was no fire reported," he said.

The Oklahoma State Fire Marshal and OSHA have been notified about the incident, they will be at the plant tomorrow. Roll-offs, U.S.A. will remain closed while they investigate.