New Sherman Logo - RetroPlex

9-7-04 - The city of Sherman has a new slogan. A marketing agency spent months of research and testing and on Tuesday the city council unveiled the new slogan – RetroPlex. The term is followed by the phrase “Sherman/Red River, White Stars and Blue Skies.

The city commissioned a Richmond, Virginia based marketing group with the job of finding a slogan based on it's historical roots. The end result is a take-off of the MetroPlex – a title given to the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

The marketing agency came up with the name after talking with numerous city leaders and conducting Internet surveys over the past few months. Lake Texoma was a recurring theme of what people liked most about Sherman, as well as its small town feel even though it's so close to Dallas.

They hope the end result will give Sherman a viable identity that will draw more tourist dollars to town.