Indecency With a Child

9-9-04 - A Fannin County judge sentenced a Fort Worth man to 15 years in prison for indecent contact with a child this week.

Nathan Lee Clark, age 18, of Fort Worth, Texas, was sentenced on September 7, 2004.

Clark committed his crime against a young female while living with the girl’s family in Dodd City. When the family discovered what Clark had been doing, they immediately kicked him out of the house and contacted the Fannin County Sheriff’s office. Deputies Wayne Walker and David Perkins investigated the case. The young girl was interviewed by Michelle Griffith of the Fannin County Child Advocacy Center. During the interview the young girl told Griffith how Clark had touched her in a sexual manner. Deputies Walker and Perkins arrested Clark based on the interview with the victim and other evidence they had gathered during their investigation. Clark confessed to the deputies that he had inappropriately touched the victim.

Judge Jarvis asked Clark how he pled to the allegations. Clark pled guilty. The range of punishment for indecency with a child is from 2 to 20 years in prison. County Attorney Porter recommended the Judge sentence Clark to 15 years in prison. Judge Jarvis accepted the recommendation and sentenced the defendant. Clark will have to serve at least seven and one-half years before he is even eligible for parole.

Myles Porter praised the work of Michelle Griffith and the Child Advocacy Center. “We are fortunate to have the Child Advocacy Center here in Fannin County, they are doing a great service for our children,” said Porter. He also thanked Deputies Wayne Walker and David Perkins for their excellent investigation.