Family speaks out in Denison shooting

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DENISON, Tex. -- The family of a man who was shot and killed in Denison is speaking out. Police say Kyle Weger's father Dennis was shot after an argument escalated yesterday.

Kyle said Tuesday that Dennis went to his ex-wife's house on Shannon Road to protect Kyle and his kids.

Kyle says the fight broke out between Dennis and the man who lives with Dennis' ex-wife. He says that man went to grab a shotgun and fired several rounds inside the house, so Dennis reached for a filet knife, cut the man's lip, then ran outside through the front yard.

That's when Kyle says his father was shot in the back.

"My dad's the hero. Frank did not; frank pulled the gun out first. My dad defended everyone in that room," said Kyle Weger.

Charges have still not been filed.

From Monday...
DENISON, Tex. -- One person is dead in a stabbing shooting that happened on at a home on Shannon Road just off Texoma Parkway in Denison. Dennis Ray Weger, 43, died shortly after arriving at TMC Monday afternoon, according to police.

Denison police say Weger and another man, whose name has not been released, started arguing in one man's front yard. Police say both men grabbed weapons as the fight escalated.

Neighbors described the stabbing victim as having his face as “ripped off” in an argument that turned brutal.

Police say one man grabbed a filet knife and began stabbing the other in the face. The victim then reached for a shotgun and fired several times.

Both men were taken to hospitals.

Sylvester Arredondo works nearby and heard three shots fired.

"By the time I got out of the office around there, the cops were pulling up, telling the guy to get on the ground," Arrendo said.

Police say they received a call at about 1:30 Monday afternoon about a domestic disturbance and then received reports of shots being fired.

"They rolled a guy over, and he was covered in blood, and he's over here in the ambulance behind me," Arredondo said.

Witnesses say the stabbing victim was transported by helicopter with bandages covering the wounds on his face.

Police say there were several other people who saw the whole event and will be helpful in the investigation.

"We're still talking to some people, some witnesses, and if there are any other witnesses that we haven't spoken to we want them to come forward to talk to us," said Lt. Mike Eppler, spokesman for Denison police.

Police are not releasing name or condition of the stabbing victim, who was flown to Parkland hospital in Dallas. They plan to continue their investigation before filing charges.

Charges could range from aggravated assault with a deadly weapon to attempted murder.

Texoma Parkway was closed briefly Monday afternoon near Highway 691 in order for the helicopter to land.