Controversy Over Athlete's Drug Suspension

9-14-04 - The suspension of a local student athlete has drawn criticism from parents on both sides of the issue, and could mean a change in policy from the Whitewright ISD. The student in question, a junior, was suspended from athletics for an entire year when he failed a drug test two weeks ago.

But since that time, his parents have pointed out a flaw in the school’s policy. All athletes and their parents must sign a form in front of a school administrator or sponsor, agreeing to be tested for drugs. But that policy was never enforced, and in this case, his parents never signed the form with a school witness.

Since that time, the school has reduced the suspension to 6 months, which means the student could play sports before the school year is over.

Other parents had complained the school was showing favoritism, but the school denies that charge. They say if anything, what has happened will result in a fairer policy for all students.