Bomb Detonated, Business Owner Arrested

9-17-04 - Ed Kosanke has been charged with possession of prohibited weapon-explosive device. He has been placed on federal hold, meaning he will not receive bail. Kosanke was arrested at the scene after authorities found and detonated an explosive device in downtown Sherman on Thursday night.

Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had been investigating the area, after witnesses heard an explosion around 2:30am, and later found the remains of a pipe bomb in the 100 block of Travis. Around 4pm, investigators searched the Micro Pro office and found two live pipe bombs inside.

By nightfall, they had cordoned off several blocks of the downtown square area and brought in bomb squads from Plano and Denton. Using a remote controlled robotic camera, they moved the largest bomb to a nearby abandoned building, where it was detonated at 9:30pm. The smaller bomb was removed safely earlier in the night.

Police described the bomb as 2ft long and 4 inches wide.

Police say there is no connection to an earlier bomb threat phoned in at Sherman High School.