Buying Bullet Proof K-9 Vests

9-18-04- A local woman is on a mission to protect "man's best friend" in the line of duty. Angela Reed is determined all K-9 police dogs in Grayson County have bullet-proof vests, just like their human counterparts.

Reed says K-9 dogs often risk their lives fighting crime and should be afforded the same protection as human police officers. She says she was inspired by Oscar, the newest addition to Sherman's crime fighting force. Reed is raising money to buy vests for the K-9 officers.

Officer Tom Gann is Oscar's partner at the Sherman Police Department and says the department does not have enough funds to buy the vest after spending the money to purchase and train Oscar.

Reed's mission to protect Oscar began two weeks ago and thanks to generous donations from the community, she was able to purchase the vest for Oscar. Now she says she hopes to buy vests for all of the police dogs in Grayson County.

Each vest costs between $500 and $700 dollars.