Oklahoma election results

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Love County voters passed a 1 percent sales tax extension. That tax has been in place since 1988.

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The sales tax brings in more than $30,000 a month, and funds all county agencies and rural fire departments.

Love County Sheriff Joe Russel says if it wasn't for this sales tax, the sheriff's office might not be able to protect citizens as well as they do.

In Caddo, Oklahoma, voters approved a $300,000 bond that will pay for improvements and repairs to the schools, including a new roof for the elementary school.

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This means if you pay $100 per month in property taxes, that bill will go up by about a dollar a month, or $11 a year...

In McCurtain County, voters passed their bond elections.

For Smithville Schools, voters approved $320,000 for new buses. Some of our Pushmataha viewers may be affected by this election.

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Also in McCurtain County, voters passed the Hayworth school bond proposition one, which would provide $75,000 for school construction.

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They also passed proposition two, which will provide $155,000 for transportation equipment.

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Hayworth superintendent Donald Ray says the election will extend bonds that are currently in place, so taxes will not increase. In fact, he says they could even decrease.

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