Old DHS clock tower on safe ground

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DENISON, Tex. -- The demolition of the old Denison High School is one step closer to being finished as the clock tower came down on Wednesday.

Now, there's an empty space where the clock tower once stood, and all that's left are the wooden beams the once held it up, but this isn't the end for this piece of history.

After several delays, crews began the removal on Wednesday afternoon, and by 2 p.m. A crane had the structure suspended in air ready to make its descent.

The 120-ton crane lifted the structure ever-so-slowly from the roof. The tower hardly even swayed. It finally touched down at 2:20 p.m. To applause and sighs of relief from onlookers, but not everyone in Denison is concerned about the clock tower’s future.

“We have destroyed an antique. What we've done, it can't be replaced. I don' care what happens to it now. No, I really don't. It’s bittersweet. You know, something so ugly sure has gotten a lot of publicity and broken a lot of people's hearts," said one onlooker.

Everyone we talked to had mixed emotions about the clock tower itself, but the clock tower is safe and sound -- in one piece- on the ground.

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