Longhorn World Championships come to Durant

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DURANT, OK -- Cattle raisers from all over the country have come to Durant to show, buy and sell their livestock. But these aren't just any cows, they're prized longhorns that can be worth anywhere from a couple hundred dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maddie Garrett takes us inside the Longhorn World Championships to find out what it's all about.

From babies to the big bulls these longhorns and their owners mean business when they come to Durant for one of the biggest shows in the country.

"It's a competition for bragging rights," said Wes Chancey, the CEO of the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance.

"Everybody wants bragging rights, being able to have the biggest horns, the most horns, the most tip to tip and have their bulls be able to out produce themselves," said longhorn handler, Russell Fairchild.

And it's here, at the Longhorn World Championships, where they can measure all of those things and pick winners for their age categories.

"Whoever gets the biggest measurement wins this," said Chancey.

"We come here and hope that we take home the big bronze saying that we've got the longest for our group," Fairchild said.

Thursday volunteers, like longtime handler Russell Fairchild, bring each longhorn in and measure their horns and it can get pretty rough.

"They can be very gentle, they can be very docile especially in the pasture, but when we bring them in these pins and we've got to pin them up in a tight corner, sometimes they can get a little bit upset," said Fairchild.

But it's nothing these experienced cowboys can't handle. And when 90 to 100 of these longhorns go up for auction on Saturday, cattle raisers won't buy them for their beef--but more for their beauty.

"The reason to have longhorns is to appreciate their beauty, there's obviously the historical connection, the legacy of owning longhorn cattle," said Chancey. "There's obviously a difference, we're more into for the love of the breed."

The Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance will present the awards at a banquet Friday night. Viewing and sales begin at 8 a.m. Saturday.

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