Mayor's $1,000 Water Bill

9-23-04 - The mayor of Madill owes more than $1,000 in back-due water bills – it’s a revelation made in a recent city council meeting that has some claiming the mayor received special treatment. Mayor Jodi Mentor made a $40 payment on Wednesday – it was the first payment he’d made in nearly four months on his residential account.

Councilman Chad Gambel brought the issue to the council’s attention, along with more than a dozen other delinquent water customers – all of which owed more than $200.

Today, the mayor admitted his water bill is out of control, and he’s embarrassed that he let it get so high. He says he may have received special treatment, but he’s doing his best to get caught up. He blamed the lapse on a lack of work this summer. KXII checked his water bill record and found that the bill had not been paid in full since March of 2003.

So far, the city has not shut off water service for any of the delinquent customers.

Councilman Gamble wants to put a city ordinance in place that would enforce water payments for thoroughly. Since he brought the issue to the council’s attention, some customers have made more than $1,500 in payments.