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Before the warm weather's finished with Texoma, you might take your kids out to the playground. But are they safe out there? With new and improved playground equipment, the answer might be what you're looking for. Ryan Loyd has more in today's Safe Family report.

Kids on the playground. It’s a happy time for many kids who are getting their last bounce or climb before the warm weather drifts away.

Teachers like Emily Krueger say playgrounds are a great way for children to spend their energy outside of the classroom.

But are playgrounds safe?

Just compare the playgrounds of today to those 25 years ago. You'll find that the differences are amazing. Metal has been replaced by plastic, and safer designs catered to still-developing children.

Still, about 200,000 kids are hurt each year.

That's why the consumer product safety commission says it's so important to supervise the little ones while they play.

Krueger says the parks and playgrounds in Sherman are in excellent condition, with woodchip padding and smooth-edge, upgraded equipment, but she'd still like some improvements to be made.

The look of a happy child is priceless. That's why many experts recommend watching out for potential harmful situations on the playground.

It'll make sure your child stays safe for yet another swing on the playground.

See link below for more on playground equipment safety.

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