FEDS Investigating Fatal Wreck

9-25-04- Federal prosecutors in Illinois have been asked to investigate whether there was any connection between the state's licenses-for-bribes scandal and the Sherman wreck that killed ten people Monday.

The truck driver involved in the crach received a commercial driver's license in Illinois. 45 year old Miroslaw J. Jozwiak obtained a license in
1996 at the McCook facility, an Illinois secretary of state testing center that spawned the ongoing federal investigation known as Operation Safe Road.

Dave Druker, a spokesman for the Illinois secretary of state's office, said "it was an eye-opener" when state officials realized Jozwiak had received a commercial license in Illinois during the period encompassed by the licenses-for-bribes scandal.

Druker said his office feels relatively confident Jozwiak's commercial license was issued properly because records indicate a chief whistleblower in the case administered part of Jozwiak's test.