Clock tower "for sale"

By: Mystic Matthews Email
By: Mystic Matthews Email

DENISON, Tex. -- The old Denison High School clock tower is on the ground, but now it has "for sale" sign on it, according to the contractor who brought it down.

Contractor Tommy Franklin says the city hasn't paid him for it yet, so he put the signs up because he needs to collect the money.

"I’m not like these other people. Every week they get a paycheck. It don't matter whether they do anything or not. If I don't get something done, I get no paycheck. That's how I make a living and pay bills. I'm not different from you people," Franklin said.

City manager Larry Cruise said the city received the invoice for the clock, and that they have plans to pay Franklin, but that it takes more than a day to cut a check.

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  • by Dr. Jim Location: Denison on Oct 20, 2007 at 10:48 PM
    (continued from below) The anger displayed in the comments posted here are not consistent with the reported news. These few authors certainly could use a stiff refresher course in basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. The consistent misspellings and total disregard for the English language is appalling. This leads me to believe, and maybe you should too, that these entries are bogus. Sorry Denison, you’ve been duped.
  • by Dr. Jim Location: Denison on Oct 20, 2007 at 10:45 PM
    A MESSAGE TO ALL READERS: This is AMAZING. I am a clinical psychologist and speech pathologist. I have extensive experience in speech patterns and speech perceptual development. I also lecture on neurological, developmental and behavioral disorders. The posts to this board show an abundance of evidence that they have been written by only a few individuals. The aggression and inflammatory remarks are consistent throughout these postings. The pattern of sentence structure is obvious, even to a layperson. This interaction is a phenomenon relatively new to society. The instantaneous mass publication and manipulation of thought, in this case slander and out-right vengeance, is clearly visible. Another thing that is crystal clear, and here images speak louder than an anonymous keyboard, is that 99% of the video content posted is in favor of saving the structure, a community coming together and taking positive action. (continued below)
  • by Jane Location: Denison on Oct 17, 2007 at 09:26 AM
    I just viewed KTEN and didn't realize that, as they claim, the city wouldn't pay him unless Tommy dropped the law suit against Joe Pollaro. I guess I am confused, but I thought it was Joe who filed the law suit against the city? If Tommy did file, then I say, Go Tommy, Go Tommy, Go Tommy. Need any witnesses? Hit me up. I saw the interaction that day. You deserve way more than 38k anyway. The highest bidder should win the clock, put it somewhere far away from Denison. I wander if we could fit Joe Pollaro's family inside of it and ride it out of town, or maybe his brother can make a bunker out of it? It was all about getting on TV anyway, so get that clock out of here NOW! I'm tired of seeing Joe Pollaro on TV and Michelle Castle. Tommy, I could watch all day, he cracks me up.
  • by TeamSpirit Location: Sherman on Oct 17, 2007 at 09:17 AM
    I say we put the clock tower in the middle of the field during the battle of the axes, put in on one of those stupid floats that they parade around duing football season and Denison's fall festivals. You would sure draw a bigger crowd then, at least 3000 more I would guess. Yeah...that sounds like the best bet to me, maybe set up tin cans on the side that say, donate to Joe Pollaro's SavingDenisonHistory foundation. I've got a lot of extra change(s) to throw his way. We then can have a float for the city counsil. This could really draw the crowds. KTEN will finally have something to cover in their little town that is somewhat newsworthy. can do a recap for those who want the real story.
  • by Jane Location: Denison on Oct 16, 2007 at 09:26 AM
    No Ralph, I was one of the few unfortunate ones who did not end up in divorce court. How many wives has he had anyway? Does he think he is King A or something?
  • by Denisonian Location: Denison on Oct 16, 2007 at 09:14 AM
    I don't see any of the complainers "really" getting involved and trying to make a difference. Cussing and calling names is not going to make anything better. If you don't like what the Council has done (made tough decisions, past Councilmen would not touch), then run for office and see if you can do better. No matter what decisions are made, there will always be a group (like SaveDenisonHistory) with the wrong facts and BIG mouths. The Council has done the best they could as well as the SaveDenisonHistory group. In all, the SaveDenisonHistory fell short to "really make a difference" and the City Council made the best decision for the community as a whole (not 3,000 BIG mouths). Move on and accept the fact it is over. Find another project, put the money that was raised to save a building before it gets to the point it needs to be torn down to. Try to be a little proactive this time instead of always reactive (only then will you make a difference).
  • by Ralph Location: Denison on Oct 16, 2007 at 07:30 AM
    Dear Jane...Are you an ex-wife of Joe's or are you just a close friend of one of them? You seem so obsessed with him. Joe may have been among the most vocal of those who were trying to save the building, but he was not the only one. I've never been introduced to Joe, nor have I had any conversation with him, so I cannot speak with the authority that you apparently have. However, I did believe a restored building would have been preferable to having yet another vacant lot. Of course, we don't have a vacant lot, really. For the next couple of years or so we'll have a lot with a clock tower covered with a tarp behind a security fence, not to mention the inevitable weed colony that will thrive in and around the fenced in area. Perhaps the tower will eventually be placed atop the "historic" bridge the city bought last year that still sets unused behind yellow ribbon down at Waterloo Park. By the way, the Mayor receives no salary for his services as Mayor, but we do pay for his decisions.
  • by Jerry Location: Denison on Oct 15, 2007 at 07:25 PM
    1 eyesore down, 10,000 more to go! Not to mention all the vehicles still parked on lawns. This town's a filthy, not funny joke.
  • by Wow!!!! Location: Not Denison on Oct 15, 2007 at 02:59 PM
    All I haft to say is Wow to all of this! I have sat and read all of this for awile now. Being apart of the HH for the past years I got to know the old building very well and we took care of her everyyear until they said it was being tore down. What everyone DOES NOT UNDERSTAND was that old building was in bad shape!!!!!The only good part is what we was useing plus DHS/CITY workers were going in there and taking all the copper pipes,plumbing,and anything worth any $ out that last year. these people that wanted the old building saved had no clue what it would have taken to fix her.So lets just get over it,pay everyone and be done with this!!!!!!
  • by Simply Amazed Location: Denison on Oct 15, 2007 at 01:43 PM
    Way to go Tommy. I applaud you. But you really should take some of that money and buy these whiners some kleenexes.
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