Reconstructing Accident Scene

9-26-04- Sherman police, along with NTSB investigators spent Sunday morning reconstructing the accident on Highway 75 that killed ten people last Monday, including three small children.

Both the northbound and southbound lanes of Hwy 75 were shut down for approximately three hours as officials examined the scene. The took pictures, marked the road, even brought in an 18 wheeler to simulate what happened in the accident. They measured the semi's movements inch by inch.

Investigators are also interested in the tire marks on the roadway and in the median. They do not believe the semi driver ever hit his breaks and went full speed across the median, slamming into the pick up and the SUV.

Investigators say the semi driver, 45 year old Miroslaw Jozwiak, has not provided any helpful information about what might have caused the accident.

Investigators are still waiting on the results of his blood test to determine if any of the prescription drugs found in his briefcase were actually in his system. The medication is known to cause drowsiness.