Transfer station issues in Bonham

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BONHAM, Tex. -- Controversy over a proposed trash transfer station on a popular Bonham road has led city officials to reconsider their decision. It’s a move which residents have been waiting on for awhile.

One hundred feet is all that separates a possible transfer station from the Bonham Inn. It’s no wonder that the motel and business owners along Highway 56 were upset about this being a possibility.

Sam’s Bar-B-Q owner Thomas Velas was outraged when he heard of a new transfer station that was to be built down the street. He says it’s bad for business and for those living in the area.

"I just couldn’t believe that they would even put this in town. You've got two motels, one apartment complex, government housing and all the residential you have in town. You're basically putting it in the most populated area. If it smells, that’s it; you're never going to get rid of the smell."

In an agreement made four years ago with sanitation solutions, Bonham city officials agreed to put in a transfer station which would compact garbage from across the city and make easier for the company to transport it back to their dump site in Paris.

When residents found out, they did all they could to stop it, and Bonham city officials listened.

"We looked at it and said this is perception, and we didn’t think it would be as bad as it claimed, but at the same time perception is reality, and we tried to find a solution that would work, a long-term solution would inch up our collection bills, but hopefully we will have some alternatives for sites and maybe get a transfer site here." Bonham mayor Roy Floyd said.

Floyd says even though it might cost the city some more money in the long run, he is willing to sacrifice that to make the residents like Velas happy.

"Oh I’m tickled to death that they didn’t put it in. They changed their mind, and they’re looking for a new site. That’s the best they can do."

Now that the decision has been made, Bonham city officials want to stress that this site will remain a collection station and that trash pickup won’t change at all.

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