Teenager Recovering from Deadly Accident

9-29-04 - A teenage girl from Bonham, Texas is still recovering from a two-car accident, more than one month after it happened. Brittany Comeans was one of three people in a car that turned in front of a Suburban on Labor Day weekend – two of those people died: 14-year-old Wonnie Callahan and 6-year-old Brazos Baker.

Brittany suffered life-threatening injuries when she was thrown from the vehicle. She had fractures to her legs, a lacerated liver and a ruptured spleen. Her father told First News on Wednesday that despite the injuries, she’s making an amazing recovery.

But the young girl is also coping with the death of her friend Wonnie, as well as Wonnie’s young brother. The only survivor of the accident was Wonnie’s mother.

Four people in the other vehicle, two adults and two children, are also recovering. No charges have been filed in this case but the accident is still under investigation.