Officer Sustains Injuries in Chase

9-30-04 – Two men are in jail after a high-speed chase through Denison and Bells at 9:45 Wednesday night. The driver rammed a police car and punched another officer in the face; he faces several serious charges.

The pursuit began in Denison, where an officer recognized a man wanted on outstanding warrants. The officer ordered the suspect to get out of the car, but the suspect instead drove south on Highway 69 into Bells at speeds of up to 115 miles per hour.

Near the intersection of highway 69 and 56, the suspect rammed his car into a police cruiser, disabling that vehicle. The officer was not hurt.

A few minutes later, the suspect wrecked the car he was driving on Sears Road and fled on foot. An officer caught up with the man. The officer was punched in the face; the suspect also sustained some injuries and was taken to TMC before being transferred to the Denison Jail. The officer sustained cuts to his face, but will be okay.

The passenger was transported to the Grayson County Jail.