Arizona man sells all his stuff

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An Arizona man is selling everything he owns to determine what his life is worth.

In his 26 years, Lloyd Garner has accumulated his fair share of stuff, things he held onto with the belief that someday they would be worth something. From his college diploma, to an oil painting of Tom Selleck, Lloyd plans to sell everything he owns over the next eight weeks. It's part of an experiment that will determine his life's worth.

Two-hundred of his most valuable items, both sentimental and monetary, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Lloyd hopes it sends a message as to what's truly important in life.

"People that are curious they can see, what all of this, what twenty-six years has added up to," Lloyd says.

So far, after one week of the experiment, the value of Lloyd's life sits at $827.23.

If you'd like to bid on his belongings, go to:

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