Staph survivor

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. -- The hot topic across the country this week has been the MRSA staph bacteria, an infection that health experts say can be debilitating and can even kill you. Now a local man is talking about his traumatic experience with the infection.

Tishomingo native Jimmy Sanderson came down with the MRSA infection last year. He spent six weeks in the hospital and during his stay doctors told him he would never walk again.

Last year, Sanderson was living in Oklahoma City when he suddenly collapsed and fell to the floor in his own kitchen. A day later his roommate found him and rushed him to the hospital.

That’s when doctors discovered had MRSA in his spinal cord. Surgeons removed the staph from his spinal cord, and Sanderson was told he would never walk again, but through solid determination, he’s proving all the experts wrong.

"I’m learning to walk through determination. I have a strong family, a strong partner, we’re all pretty determined. ‘Can’t’ is not one of our words," says Sanderson

Sanderson said he wanted to share his story because MRSA left him temporarily paralyzed, but he’s making tremendous progress.

As of his last doctor's visit, Sanderson has had no signs of the infection.

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