Bringing business to Pottsboro

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POTTSBORO, Tex. -- City officials in Pottsboro say they're working to bring in new businesses and jobs to the area. Now they are getting help from a federal loan.

Natalie Moore and Michelle Harrelson are sorting through boxes and boxes of dental tools from floss to toothbrushes as they continue to get ready for their dental office's big grand opening in Pottsboro.

"We’re just trying to wrap everything up. We're trying to get our shipment in, we're sterilizing everything, and getting ready to get going," assistant Natalie Moore says.

Luckily for them, the practice didn't have to pay for all of this.

"The corporation program stepped in and created the $20,000 so together she can step up shop and create jobs. It’s a win-win for the city of Pottsboro."

Pottsboro city manager Kevin Farley is talking about a $99,000 revolving loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Division, which allows smaller communities to attract emerging businesses to their area by offering them money to start up.

"There is a limit for the amount of money we can loan per if you will and it’s tied to the number of projects that are being created and or retained."

New businesses will be offered $5,000 for each new job they create. The loan was approved on Tuesday by the city council.

Starting on Monday, patients can come to the Family Dentistry in Pottsboro and take advantage of brand new equipment all made possible through this loan.

City officials say it’s been great for them as well.

"We didn’t have much in the way of an incentive package if you will, like a Sherman or a Denison, and we just felt that it was one way to possibly help businesses to come to Pottsboro," Farley added.

No word yet from city officials about what other businesses they're looking to bring to the area.

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