Preventing Staph

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Staphlococcus Aureus Bacteria, commonly referred to as "Staph", can be found anywhere. And when the conditions are right, it can cause a skin infection that looks like a spider bite.

Since it thrives in warm, moist locations, one of the most common places to find staph is in a gym. So we asked one local health club manager how they avoid potentially dangerous bacteria.

"Wiping down every mat, every handle. You really can't do to much in the way of cleanliness especially in a fitness facility with the amount of sweat," said Anytime Fitness Manager Blake Burleson.

Staff members use chemicals that kill the bacteria that can cause infection, which is spread from person to person, or by coming into contact with a contaminated surface--like a sweaty piece of equipment.

"Staph -- its bacteria that grows over time with sweat just sitting there," Burleson said.

With recent reports of a superbug, a strain of staph that doesn't respond to antibiotics--we asked a doctor if the public should change their habits. He says he's not that concerned.

"I'm not going to change my lifestyle at all," said Dr. Gary Marlow. "I just try to keep regular hygiene techniques that I use at the hospital. Wash hands between patients - clean off the machine before and after use."

His advice to the rest of us:

"You should be very particular about your hygiene techniques, wash your hands, clean-up after yourself and disenfect."

A few more tips:
Don't share razors or towels and cover open wounds or cuts.

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