Boy killed in accident in Southmayd

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SOUTHMAYD, Tex. -- Eight-year old Jarred Winegeart was being driven to school by his mother when a truck hit their vehicle.

Police say Jarred’s mother, Heather Nunn, was driving east bound on her way to S & S Elementary School around 7:45 a.m. when she attempted to turn left onto McElroy. A 21-year-old driver of a blue pick-up truck broadsided the woman's car as he headed westbound.

Southmayd Police Chief Tommy Hartsell actually saw the accident happen.

"I went to call an ambulance for backup. From the way the cars moved, I knew it was bad. I didn't know anyone was in the backseat until I walked up and saw him back there," Hartsell said.

Police say the sun at that time of morning made it impossible for Nunn to see the man on the road.

Jarred was dead on impact. It also sent his mother and the other driver to the hospital.

A fund has been set up in Jarred's memory at American Bank of Texas in his mother’s name.

Now S&S Elementary, where the boy attended school, is dealing with the tragedy. We spoke to the principal to see how the community will cope with such a big loss.

S & S Elementary is a small enough school where everyone knows everyone. Principal Terry Martin says each teacher and member of this community has a personal relationship with everyone else. Close to 400 students go to school here in pre-k through 5th grades.

Martin has been through the loss of a student before, and he says the second time isn't any easier.

School leaders have informed the faculty and staff about their loss, but students still don't know. Today is just another day.

In a community with such close ties, the impact of this loss will be felt in many ways, but the main focus will be on the kids to help them understand what happened.

Counselors are set to be on hand Monday to help students cope with the loss of a classmate.

If you'd like to help Jarred's family you can make a donation to Bank of Texas in the name of Heather Nunn. Bank of Texas has two locations in Sherman: One inside Albertson’s supermarket and another on West Washington Street beside the Chamber of Commerce.

The Southmayd and Sadler Fire Departments, along with the Gas Station Cafe will also host a benefit dinner Saturday, October 27 at 6:00pm at S&S Elementary School. All proceeds will go to Jarred's family.