Crowd Protests Planned Parenthood

10-3-04- Protestors have been a common sight at the Planned Parenthood in Sherman since it opened several months ago, but Sunday, a large group lined the streets, forming a prayer circle near the office on Texoma Parkway.

Nearly 100 people from the Texoma Pro-Life Association gathered Sunday afternoon in prayer and protest.

The protestors held signs with messages in both Spanish and English, but say their message is the same. They believe the organization promotes practices that are against the group's religious beliefs. Their main message, says organizer Philip Melton, is condemning abortion.

Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions, but as long as the doors are open, members of the Texoma Pro-Life Association say they will continue their protests.

Planned Parenthood opened this summer in Sherman and offers a range of medical and counseling services regarding healthcare education and advocacy programs.