Mayor Storms Out - Resigns in Madill

10-4-04 - The mayor of Madill was forced to resign Monday night but vowed to stay on the city council. Council members called for Jodie Minter to step down as mayor after they discovered he had more than $1,000 in unpaid water bills.

First News ran the story two weeks ago – Minter had not paid a water bill since late May. The day before that story ran, he paid a small amount, and then paid off the entire debt late last week. Minter had not paid off the entire balance since March of 2003.

At Monday’s meeting, Minter stormed out of the building after resigning as mayor. He told First News beforehand that it was nothing more than dirty politics by other council members. Some of those council members say Minter got preferential treatment with his overdue bills.

The council adopted a new policy at Monday’s meeting requiring the water department to report delinquent bills to the council.