Alternative agriculture

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Local farmers will soon have the chance to learn how to make their farms even more productive by sharing ideas to bring in much-needed revenue.

The Noble Foundation will hold their first agri-tourism conference on November 6th. Officials say this new series of forums will show farmers how alternative agriculture can put money in their pocket.

Oklahoma and North Texas farmers and ranchers will have the opportunity to travel the area and see what innovative new practices other farmers are using.

The foundation will visit over 11 alternative agriculture locations including Landgraf Farms of Madill and Bailey’s Berry Patch in Gainesville.

These farms or ranches are growing new crops for their farms like pecans and fruits and even alternative beef products Some of them have even opened bed and breakfasts right on the farm to bring in tourist dollars.

Noble Foundation officials say farmers need a new ways to deal with problems like last year’s drought and this summer's floods

"The needs and desires of these producers are growing, and it will help them diversify their income they might have and make it a little more stable than they would have because of the weather and fluctuation of the markets of traditional crops," event coordinator Shan Ingram said.

All local farmers or ranchers are invited to attend. All you have to do is contact the Noble Foundation at 580-223-5810.

Registration will be $100 for the two-day event.

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