Flooding victim files wrongful death suit

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GAINESVILLE, Tex.--A Gainesville woman claims two property owners are responsible for the deaths of her family members. Lisa Arnett lived at the Pecan Grove mobile home park during the June floods. Her home was swept away, killing her two daughters and her mother-in-law.

Court documents name the property owner, Karl Lynch, and Alan Ritchey, the owner of land nearby, as defendants in the suit. It claims Ritchey built a berm without a city permit that changed the flow of Pecan Creek.

The suit alleges the flow change made flooding worse in the neighborhood. They also say Lynch kept the buildings unsafe.

The Gainesville Housing Authority is not involved in the suit, but officials say they inspected the park last year. Lynch asked the housing authority to subsidize some units after a bad wind storm in 2006. Housing Authority officials say the mobile homes did not meet their standards.

"They were really bad, a lot of them were vacant, standing open, windows knocked out, doors missing, underpinning missing, roofs leaking," said Jerry Henderson, executive director of the Gainesville Housing Authority.

Our calls to Lisa Arnett, Karl Lynch and Alan Richey were not returned to KXII Wednesday.

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