TCS pavillion dedication

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SHERMAN, Tex.--Texoma Christian School dedicated a new pavilion this Thursday evening, in memory of Deneé Frazier. Deneé and her husband Mark worked hard to provide a cool, shady place at the campus. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer before could see the project completed.

The school dedicated the pavilion in her honor. She is also a longtime friend and employee of KXII.

TCS officials say they prayed a long time for the pavilion and it came closer to reality after receiving a large donation from Always Better Care.

"It's a real, great opportunity for us to take a moment as a TCS family to remember Deneé and what a great person she was," said Jeff Burley, TCS head of schools.

Burley says the school plans use the pavilion for concerts, picnics, and even hold class outside on nice days.