Fit and fabulous for the holidays

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We're helping you become fit and fabulous for the holidays. That's our mission over the next month on First News AM with a detox diet that some say will not only help you lose weight and increase your energy, but will also improve your overall health.

We've all heard the hype about miracle diets, but let's face it, starving yourself isn't healthy! Now there's a new Detox Diet program that not only helps you lose weight, but improves your overall health.

Curt Hamilton, C.C.N. says, “When you use a whole food approach which man has done for thousands of years, it not only allows those fat cells to push out those toxins. It also eliminates them as well. But it's also donating nutrients to the kidney liver lungs basically the whole body.”

It's called the 21-day purification and weight loss program. On average, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, American's consume four pounds of pesticides each year and have residue from over 400-toxic substances in their body.

Hamilton says, “There are actually 82,000 chemical's we’re exposed to. They come from a variety of different places, fungicides, pesticides. And that’s a scary thought"!

Dr. Keith Kimberlin with Total Health Chiropractic says, “Lets say the average person drinks a diet coke, the aspartame (artificial sweeteners) that we have can be toxic. Cars driving around, our air is polluted. And you breathing it in. Our water is not clean, we have chlorine in our water, chlorine is a chemical that will toxify your water. So everyday activity period you will have these toxins in the body.”

But the 3-week program is designed to not only rid of those toxins, but restore you body with the nutrients needed to survive by cleansing not only your blood, kidney and colon, but other organs in your body as well.

The perks of this, is that most people go through it and see an increase in energy. They sleep better, are no longer addicted to sweeteners/caffeine.

"Even mood changes; we see people with anxiety, depression, mood starts to get better.”

Curt Hamilton says, “The common response: women lose 10 lbs, men lose 15 lbs, and some of that is water, a lot of it's fat. If you do it right than you can build muscle. Your body composition will shift and that’s the best weight loss.

That's what maked this diet different than others. You may be shedding a few pounds, but your on the road to a better lifestyle.

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