The dangers of MRSA

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Schools all over the area are working to prevent outbreaks of the deadily staph infection MRSA, including Plainview.

Officals from the Plainview School District aren’t taking any chances with their students getting sick. Now they are aggressively educating teachers and students about the dangers of MRSA.

MRSA can cause serious illness or even death. Now the Plainview School District is educating every student and staff member about the infection.

"It’s so important so we get on top of it right away teach the teachers and do in services on what to recognize."

School nurse Stephanie Berryhill says cleanliness is the key to preventing MRSA, something fourth grade teacher Jesica Gilliam is trying to teach to her students

"Cuts and bruises…they think that’s cool showing all their friends. We just let them know, ‘That’s dangerous, Get a Band-Aid on it."

Small boils, cuts and other wounds are signs Nurse Berryhill is teaching the Plainview staff to identify among the student body before a potential infection gets out of hand.

"Usually a wound can be treated by the physician, but once it goes deeper than that and in the blood stream it becomes life-threatening."

In most school settings, athletic facilities seem to be the place where most infections occur, but Berryhill says close quarters like hallways are also high risk areas.

"We want to make sure we’re a healthy school were not missing out on anything. We’re just identifying the simple stuff to prevent kids from being in a place they don’t want to be in."

The Centers for Disease Control says skin-to-skin contact is the most common way to spread MRSA. School officials are asking parents to keep a close eye on their kids as well.

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