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DENISON, Tex. -- The Grayson County Airport has a new way to fight fires, and there's no other truck like it anywhere in the county. It’s a new way for the Grayson County Aiport to be ready for almost anything.

The E-1 Titan Crash Truck is 13 feet high, 36 feet long, and 9 feet wide, boasting a 585 horsepower diesel engine and it belongs to the Grayson County Airport.

It’s capable of shooting 3000 gallons of water more than 100 feet into the air, and if water is not enough -- it’s got 300 gallons of foam!

“We’re very exciting to see it here. We looked at it when we heard about it, got a chance to look at it. They demonstrated it for us. It was neat. The capabilities of it are something else," says Sam Hayes of the Grayson County Airport fire unit.

The big truck comes with a big price tag, but it's a price the Grayson County Airport says is worth it for airport growth.

"It cost over $130,000. It was a special price as you can imagine. But it’s very economical, if you consider automobiles can cost more than that,” says airport board chairman Phil Roether.

Roether says commercial airlines will not fly into an airport unless it has a truck like this to fight possible fires.

One of the main goals of the Grayson County Airport is growth. In order to do that, they need this gigantic machine.

"This new vehicle allows us to bring to the area aircraft that wouldn't be able to come here before," Roether says.

With new aircraft rescue and fire fighting truck, and the new tower that will open in the next few months, Grayson County Airport hopes to go from a local airport to a regional one.

It’s something that could benefit all of Grayson County.

The airport chairman says it wasn't easy to obtain. It took the cooperation of department of Homeland Security, the local commissioners, as well as the airport board, and they say there is no other fire fighting truck like it anywhere in Grayson County.

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